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Edward III: Act IV, Scene 8

Edward III
Act IV, Scene 8

Poitou. Fields near Poitiers. Another part of the field of battle.

  1. Enter Audley, wounded, and rescued by two English Esquires.

First English Esquire

  1. How fares my lord?


2 - 3
  1.                    Even as a man may do,
  2. That dines at such a bloody feast as this.

Second English Esquire

  1. I hope, my lord, that is no mortal scar.


5 - 11
  1. No matter, if it be; the count is cast,
  2. And, in the worst, ends but a mortal man.
  3. Good friends, convey me to the princely Edward,
  4. That in the crimson bravery of my blood
  5. I may become him with saluting him.
  6. I’ll smile, and tell him, that this open scar
  7. Doth end the harvest of his Audley’s war.
  1. Exeunt.
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