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The Two Noble Kinsmen: Act I, Scene 5

The Two Noble Kinsmen
Act I, Scene 5

Another part of a field before Thebes.

  1. Music. Enter the Queens with the hearses of their Knights in
  2. a funeral solemnity, etc.

All Queens

1 - 10
  1. Song.
  2. Urns and odors bring away,
  3. Vapors, sighs, darken the day;
  4. Our dole more deadly looks than dying;
  5. Balms, and gums, and heavy cheers,
  6. Sacred vials fill’d with tears,
  7. And clamors through the wild air flying!
  8. Come all sad and solemn shows,
  9. That are quick-ey’d pleasure’s foes!
  10. We convent nought else but woes:
  11. We convent, etc.

Third Queen

11 - 12
  1. This funeral path brings to your household’s grave:
  2. Joy seize on you again! Peace sleep with him!

Second Queen

  1. And this to yours.

First Queen

14 - 15
  1.                    Yours this way. Heavens lend
  2. A thousand differing ways to one sure end.

Third Queen

16 - 17
  1. This world’s a city full of straying streets,
  2. And death’s the market-place, where each one meets.
  1. Exeunt severally.
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