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Sir Thomas More: Act III, Scene 2

Sir Thomas More
Act III, Scene 2

Chelsea. Antechamber in More’s house.

  1. Enter Third Messenger to More.

Third Messenger

1 - 5
  1. My honorable lord, the Mayor of London,
  2. Accompanied with his lady and her train,
  3. Are coming hither, and are hard at hand,
  4. To feast with you. A servant’s come before,
  5. To tell your lordship of there near approach.


6 - 22
  1. Why, this is cheerful news. Friends go and come:
  2. Reverend Erasmus, who delicious words
  3. Express the very soul and life of wit,
  4. Newly took sad leave of me, and with tears
  5. Troubled the silver channel of the Thames,
  6. Which, glad of such a burden, proudly swelled
  7. And on her bosom bore him toward the sea:
  8. He’s gone to Rotterdam; peace go with him!
  9. He left me heavy when he went from hence;
  10. But this recomforts me; the kind Lord Mayor,
  11. His brethren aldermen, with their fair wives,
  12. Will feast this night with us. Why, so it should be;
  13. More’s merry heart lives by good company.
  14. Good gentlemen, be careful; give great charge
  15. Our diet be made dainty for the taste;
  16. For, of all people that the earth affords,
  17. The Londoners fare richest at their boards.
  1. Exeunt.
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