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Edward III: Act IV, Scene 1

Edward III
Act IV, Scene 1

Bretagne. The camp of the English.

  1. Enter Lord Mountford with a Coronet in his hand; with him
  2. the Earl of Salisbury.

Earl of Mountford

1 - 9
  1. My lord of Salisbury, since by your aide
  2. Mine enemy Sir Charles of Blois is slain,
  3. And I again am quietly possessed
  4. In Britain’s dukedom, know that I resolve,
  5. For this kind furtherance of your king and you,
  6. To swear allegiance to his majesty:
  7. In sign whereof receive this coronet,
  8. Bear it unto him, and, withal, mine oath,
  9. Never to be but Edward’s faithful friend.

Earl of Salisbury

10 - 33
  1. I take it, Mountford. Thus, I hope, ere long
  2. The whole dominions of the realm of France
  3. Will be surrendered to his conquering hand.
  4. Exit Mountford.
  5. Now, if I knew but safely how to pass,
  6. I would at Callice gladly meet his Grace,
  7. Whether I am by letters certified
  8. That he intends to have his host removed.
  9. It shall be so, this policy will serve:—
  10. Ho, who’s within? Bring Villiers to me.
  11. Enter Villiers.
  12. Villiers, thou knowest, thou art my prisoner,
  13. And that I might for ransom, if I would,
  14. Require of thee a hundred thousand francs,
  15. Or else retain and keep thee captive still:
  16. But so it is, that for a smaller charge
  17. Thou mayst be quit, and if thou wilt thyself.
  18. And this it is: procure me but a passport
  19. Of Charles, the Duke of Normandy, that I
  20. Without restraint may have recourse to Callice
  21. Through all the Countries where he hath to do;
  22. Which thou mayst easily obtain, I think,
  23. By reason I have often heard thee say,
  24. He and thou were students once together:
  25. And then thou shalt be set at liberty.
  26. How saiest thou? Wilt thou undertake to do it?


  1. I will, my lord; but I must speak with him.

Earl of Salisbury

35 - 39
  1. Why, so thou shalt; take horse, and post from hence:
  2. Only before thou goest, swear by thy faith,
  3. That, if thou canst not compass my desire,
  4. Thou wilt return my prisoner back again;
  5. And that shall be sufficient warrant for me.


40 - 41
  1. To that condition I agree, my lord,
  2. And will unfainedly perform the same.
  1. Exit.

Earl of Salisbury

42 - 43
  1. Farewell, Villiers.—
  2. Thus once I mean to try a Frenchman’s faith.
  1. Exit.
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