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Antony and Cleopatra: Act IV, Scene 10

Antony and Cleopatra
Act IV, Scene 10

The field of battle between the camps.

  1. Enter Antony and Scarus with their army.

Mark Antony

1 - 2
  1. Their preparation is today by sea,
  2. We please them not by land.


  1.                             For both, my lord.

Mark Antony

4 - 10
  1. I would they’ld fight i’ th’ fire or i’ th’ air;
  2. We’ld fight there too. But this it is: our foot
  3. Upon the hills adjoining to the city
  4. Shall stay with usorder for sea is given,
  5. They have put forth the haven
  6. Where their appointment we may best discover,
  7. And look on their endeavor.
  1. Exeunt.
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